Friday, April 06, 2007 Google

Well, the move is over, and we're in the new digs...but unpacking has been taking my precious blogging time up. Sorry for the sporadicness, but I bring a new gem today: Google has launched a 411 service. Yep, any business, with a free call to the Goog. 1-800-GOOG-411, or 800-466-4411.

My fellow officemates, Jingle Networks, do a great job in this space today, but Google goes them one better: they connect the call, free. I'm not quite sure how they handle the billing, but I guess with gazillions of Google Bucks around, they can afford to pick up some calls. It addresses the #1 problem I've had with 800-FREE-411: I can't use it when I am driving, because after the number comes to me, I have to remember it, disconnect, and dial, all while driving. Uh-uh. Thanks, Google.

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