Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Christmas in July

Few brands inspire warm and fuzzy feelings in me. Of the ones that do, it's because they have the capacity to surprise and delight me with delicious unexpected gifts at the most opportune times. And I'm happy to say, one just has.

Tivo, whose service I have awaited with endless frustration to come onto my behemoth of a clunker Comcast DVR, has just released TivoHD. Yes, there had been a Tivo HD DVR before....for the ungodly price of $1,000 (fell to $700). Instead, I was driven into the arms of that cheap tramp from Comcast, who promised me a "good (HD) time" for less than $20 a month. Well, as you might expect, I walked away with an empty feeling, pining for the luxury that was my Tivo, but knowing I was not willing to fork over the asking price.

Today, the sensuality of my lovely Tivo in glorious two tuner HD, with Amazon Unbox service and web-based programming, can be had for three precious Jacksons, 70% less than before. Caveat: you have to argue with Comcast to wangle two CableCARD's, an interface they are notoriously resistant to providing (they have to do so under law, but that doesn't mean it needs to be easy!), so you might want to contact your cable provider first.

If you just can't wait, order it today. I just might!

UPDATE: A GREAT review from CNet discloses the upsdies and downsides. Upside: all the fantastic Tivo online goodies, works with digital cable. Downsides: On Demand not supported, no TivoToGo, etc.

Other great reviews here.

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