Sunday, July 01, 2007

Woo-HOO! I'm a Trillian Astra Beta tester!

Remember when you used to actually enjoy getting emails? Well, I just had that feeling, as my Gmail let me know that I was just accepted as a Trillian Astra beta tester! Yep, I've just downloaded the ecstasy that is the next generation of unified instant messaging, so I'll be reporting on my impressions as they happen.

Look out, world: I'm on the future of IM. ;-)

Just a side note: over 4 years ago, I started converting a page of my website to a series of random ramblings and impressions of cool gadgets, things in my world, and more, for my family and friends to enjoy. Since then, blogging has gone mainstream, and many of my friends have started their own blogs, which are a blast to read. It's something I could not have envisioned, nor was I sure how long I'd keep up with it, but, despite several false starts, different blogging platforms, and long absences that my work enforces, I'm proud to celebrate my 500th post in this blog. I've enjoyed every bit of it, and have recently expanded the distribution to my Plaxo network, so that my co-workers and business contacts can see there is a very passionate Dallas Cowboys loving, mobile and travel bitching gadget and widget freak who just won't shut up.

Thanks to all of you who provide feedback, and read; it's quite a ride.

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