Sunday, September 16, 2007

A $50 Steak From A $5 One

A warning: Vegans, vegetarians, and folks who don't care for red meat, if the title of this post and the photo don't give it away, skip this one. The rest of you? Welcome to the world of food hacking. I'm not talking advanced chemistry here, but simple, easy ways to make your food taste better. And today, we're talking about one of the few foods I can actually cook: steak.

See that steak? You think you're looking at a $5 steak, covered in salt, right? Wrong. You are actually looking at the metamorphosis of a $5 steak into one that you'd weep with carnivorous joy at consuming in Morton's or Smith & Wollensky. Thanks to this amazing blog post, we are that much closer to beef heaven.

Fellow meat lovers, I share your joy at the treasure we are aboutto behold.The world...and the grill..will never be the same.

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