Monday, September 03, 2007

The United States of Circuit City

"Papers, please." Sounds like a line out of a Nazi guard in an old war movie, right? Wrong. These were words (paraphrased) uttered in Brooklyn, Ohio, this very weekend by not just one ill informed individual, but two. Unfortunately, one was a Circuit City store manager and one, unbelievably, was a police officer.

If you've ever bought something from a large electronics store, you've always accepted the annoyance of having to show your receipt and have your package inspected as you leave. What you might not have expected are the consequences for not doing so. Worse, you probably don't know your rights in this regard. This man did, and exercised them both this weekend. His reward? Arrested on trumped up charges. You can't believe this until you read it.

By the way, Circuit City is not the only one who has gotten out of control with this. Similar stories of multiple Best Buy's are far too common. As a former electronics retail store manager, I can honestly say that there is a line where common sense is a requirement of your job. If you don't feel so, you've crossed that line. In this story, the hapless Circuit City store manager is about to find out what happens when that line gets crossed.

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