Saturday, October 20, 2007

What the...Palm's updating the 680?

What the heck is in the water at Palm? After literally years of malaise, first they chuck a product that the market clearly didn't want, then they introduce a $99 smartphone that people actually seem to like, and now comes word that they pushing out a free update to the 680 (my Treo) with actually cool features people want! Is this a signal that Palm is on its way back?

According to Treonauts, 10/22 (Monday) will bring us AT&T 680 owners a bevy of new goodies:
Maintenance Release for the Treo 680 Available 10/22 (current record)

* Enables PTT feature
* Places Stub applications on the devices in support of:
o IM clients (Yahoo!, AIM, Windows Live)
o TeleNav
o MobiTV
* Ability for a MP3 or any sort of music file to be translated as a Ringtone
* Will be available as free download for all AT&T Treo 680 customers
o SMS blast from AT&T will alert customers in addition to traditional channel and Customer Care messaging
* Requires a desktop computer –the download cannot be executed via OTA

The embedded multi-service IM client newer Treos have? MP3's as ringtones? I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait for Monday!

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