Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First Class Movie Theaters

Courtesy of my nephew, Jeremy, I learned of the next foray by movie theater owners to attract patrons to the overpriced movie theater experience: First Class. Called Lux, National Amusements is piloting the program in it's Randolph, MA, location. The premise? Pay an additional $10, and you get a perk-filled evening, including:

- In-Seat dining, from a menu that ranges from Chicken Satay appetizers, to panini sandwiches to personal pizzas, which you order from your seat and summon your server with a push of a button. Prices are unknown, but you do get $5 off with your ticket.
- Alcoholic beverages. Great applause; now I can finally tolerate seeing Adam Sandler.
- Lux Level preferred parking area exclusively for Lux Level patrons.
- Ultimate service, brushing your car off in snowy winter weather, or offering an umbrella on those unexpected rainy days.
- Escort to the Lux Level auditorium
- Coat check service available
- Deep-cushioned, custom designed seats.
- Wait service at the push of a button; with wait staff utilizing special wireless ordering devices that send your order instantly to the kitchen devoted to Lux Level dining

While the menus are visible, there are no prices listed, so don't look for any bargains here, but it can save you dinner out elsewhere. This continues, and expands the trend we've seen for the last year, but adds a level of service that I might actually take advantage of. Now, if they'd only add those privacy barriers or curtains, imagine how fun the movies could be again with alcoholic drinks, big plush seats, private seating area, and darkness? ;-)

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