Tuesday, January 01, 2008

When IS the right time to drink that wine?

Living in Northern California, I have learned to LOVE wine. I've become kind of a California wine snob, only because the Napa and Sonoma valleys are less than an hour away, so why go to a wine store? After a day of tastings and tours, I tend to buy some selected bottles, carefully storing them for eventual drinking. After all, wine ages well, right? Not always, as I recently found out with one of my cherished 1994 La Crema Pinot Noirs: there are ideal times to drink wines. But when is the right time for each of my disparate bottles?

Enter Vinofolio.com's VinCellar. Free, it allows you to enter each of the bottles in your collection. It looks each up, presenting you with an image of the label to ensure it's actually your wine, then compliments each with reviews, value estimates, and, most importantly, ideal peak years to drink. Voila: your collection is stored,and you can even add your own notes.

It's a great asset that, with a little Web 2.0 work, could be made even better. Imagine being able to see the notes from other VinCellar users with the same bottles. Or get an email when the wines you've rated the highest are available for sale. RSS or email alerts for ideal drinking times? Share your VinCellar with others? The list goes on.

In any case, I highly recommend you get your free VinCellar account to keep that wine flowing at its ideal, and don't be saddened when you open that treasured bottle ever again.

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Hi Joshua!
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