Saturday, February 02, 2008

10 Minutes You Must Watch

Keith Olbermann. You may know him as just the guy who does the "Worst Person in the NFL" segments on Sunday Night Football. Or, if you are a long-time ESPN watcher, you may remember him for defining the hip SportsCenter anchor position. But he is so much more. Specifically, he is the Paul Revere of a new revolution. Think of him as the anti-Rush Limbaugh, or, as he would prefer, the perennial foil to blowhards like Bill O'Reilly.

Olbermann's speech tonight is the type of language people like me crave to hear from leaders. As we are left with a President who can't even properly pronounce "nuclear," it falls to men like Keith Olbermann to make those words reality. Take 10 minutes and listen for yourself:

The amazing prose that stands out for me:
- "You told Congress, if you do not act by Friday, our ability to track terrorist threats would be weakened, and our citizens would be in greater danger," Olbermann said. "Yet you you are willing to weaken that ability. You will subject us, your citizens, to that greater danger. This is simple enough for you to understand. If Congress approves a new FISA act without telecom immunity, and sends it to your desk, and you veto it, you, by your own terms and your own definitions, you will have just sided with the terrorists."

- "If you, sir, are asking Congress and us to join you in this shameless, breathless, literal textbook example of fascism, the merged efforts of government and corporations who answer to no government, you still don't have the guts to say the telecom companies did assist you in your efforts?" Olbermann asked. "Will you and the equivocators who surround you like a cocoon never go on the record about anything? Even the stuff you claim to believe in?"

Keith, no one could have ever said it better.

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