Saturday, February 02, 2008

Pulse Goes Public

Plaxo's Pulse continues to get better and better. Today, they became the first to use Google's Social Graph API. The result? A public "pulse" page, that you can control the content of, available to anyone, not just Plaxo users. Mine is up. Another perk? Pulse status updates now link with your Twitter account and vice versa: update one, the other is automatically updated.

The article I link to above actually does the best job yet of stating why Pulse is not a Facebook "me-too:"
"Plaxo's Pulse platform, mistakenly thought of by some as just another social network, is actually an attempt at an open version of the social web where sites inter-operate with each other. Currently Pulse supports integration with flickr, YouTube, digg, LiveJournal, Windows Live,, yelp, MySpace, webshots,, Pownce, xanga, tumblr, jaiku, twitter, smugmug, Yahoo 360, Picasa, and Amazon."

Gotta say, I hope Plaxo continues their trend, missteps and all, cause it's the way I believe social networking was meant to be. Catch me there...

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