Monday, March 03, 2008

Finally, A Sports Guy Rival

I have no idea who MJD is, but I gotta love his short takes on the NFL in the surprisingly funny Yahoo Sports Blog, Shutdown Corner. Some absolute gems:

- "I think the only appropriate conclusion to be drawn here is that Tom Brady, all season long, had been molesting Randy Moss. Nothing else make sense. The only way any receiver, let alone an elite one like Moss, would want to leave his current quarterback for Daunte Culpepper is if his current quarterback was touching him in inappropriate places."

- "And as soon as I hit "publish" on this post, the Browns signed Derek Anderson [you're a damn liar, Phil Savage]. Please disregard everything you've just read. You may still continue to enjoy the photo, though.)"

- "The only way I'd understand was if the Cowboys were afraid that Barber's body would break down early because of the punishing, skull-bashing, child-frightening, wild mongoose running style Barber uses."

High comedy indeed. ;-) Enjoy!

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