Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Next GPS

On a recent trip, I managed to misplace the GPS unit that connects to my former (and now Amy's current) Treo. The easy thing to do is to simply buy a new GPS receiver for about $100, and voila. However, I decided to have a look at what the standalone GPS world has evolved to, and, much to my delight, I found the Dash GPS.

Dash is, for want of a better expression, GPS evolved. Let's face it, among GPS units, the differences are negligible: all tune into the same satellites, all have the voice prompts, all have the cool maps...etc. Dash takes it a step further: it offers 2-way connectivity, with WiFi, GPRS. Why is this interesting?

- It allows the sharing of data from other Dash users. For instance, if several Dash users are stuck in traffic, implied by their speed, the network updates all Dash users, and allows the rerouting for anyone coming in to that vicinity.

- It allows you to send destinations from your computer to your GPS as "favorites." No more looking up addresses at 65mph.

- Looking for gas? Any GPS can show you stations in the vicinity, but Dash tells you how much they charge, before you get there.

- It can automatically update. New features, new more GPS obsolescence.

Pretty spiffy, no? Price is a little steep ($400), plus not thrilled with a monthly $10 fee, but for all that, it just might be worth it.

Of course, I could just wait for the iGPS...

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