Saturday, May 31, 2008


As an iPhone owner, I am one of the thousands waiting anxiously for the June 9th unveiling of iPhone 2.0, and the applications it will bring to the iPhone. Sure, I've enjoyed unlocking my iPhone, and using some interesting apps, but, as the commercial says, ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.

However, today brought a new announcement that add even more anticipation. StyleTap will bring it's Palm OS emulator to the iPhone. Why is this good? I have invested literally hundreds of dollars over the years in Palm apps, and some I miss every day. Sure, iPhone 2.0 will open the floodgates for many (eWallet among them), but there's some great Palm OS games and apps I would dearly love to have again, and it looks like WWDC will bring me both new native iPhone apps, and restore some of my beloved Palm ones.

Of course, this is wonderful for me, but essentially kills Palm. Why would you spend for a Treo, when you can have an iPhone with a Palm in it, as well? It's already the most popular phone since...well, ever. But add the library of thousands of Palm apps? And all of this while Palm's big innovation has been the Centro? Uh, for anyone holding Palm stock, now would be the time to short it, I'm afraid.

So, goodbye Palm, hello iPhone 2.0.

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