Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back Inside

Good news today for NFL Films fans like me. Courtesy of the always-entertaining MJD, word comes that the venerable Inside The NFL that has aired on HBO almost since its inception, has risen from the dead. For those that were not aware, this past season was the last of the highlight show's long run, leaving Dan Marino, Bob Costas, Cris Carter, and Chris Collinsworth out of a job. Of course, they had those cushy Sunday morning gigs to fall back on, and Costas is practically his own brand by now, so not too many tears. But Showtime wisely recognized the built-in audience, and swept in to revive it.

No word yet if the staff is back, too, but one can hope that the NFL Films staff members that were laid off as a result of HBO's earlier decision will be back. How about it, Dan? Kick in a little of that salary?

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