Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 2.0 Day

Yep, it's finally here. As of 9AM PDT today, I was happily installing the new iTunes and, most importantly, iPhone 2.0 software. I wish I could say it was smooth and painless, but being an early adopter is not usually a well paved path.

However, I've now had all day to play with 2.0, and I must say, it lives up to most of the hype. I commented today that it was actually sad that Apple has technologically savvy fans who have all willingly paid over $300 for their product squealing in the ability to delete multiple emails at once. Sigh. That aside, there are some revolutionary improvements and evolutionary ones. The irony for me is that it took Apple and an Apple device to make me appreciate a Microsoft service, Exchange: we shifted to an Exchange system recently at work, and I was blown away at the elegant and powerful connection with the new iPhone. Push email, push calendar updates and meeting requests, and so much

I know, you want to know about the apps. Well, eWallet didn't make the launch today, but should be there tomorrow, so I am waiting with bated breath; it looks great. I purchased my first app, Shopping List ($0.99), which looks like a good implementation. I've downloaded Twitterific and eBay, and AIM, of course. What really bothers me so far is the lack of ability to try apps before you buy; this was one of the most compelling sales tools of the Palm platform. This is really bothersome for games: I don't want to spend $5 or $10 if it sucks, guys.

In any case, tomorrow the 3G hits the streets, and the Apps store will, most likely, start to swell. I'm hoping for a app, myself, as well as the actual "real" launch of Twinkle on a non-Jailbroken platform. Oh, Google, how about a Blogger app? Let's see what the next 24 hours brings!

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