Saturday, September 20, 2008

Woot...Two Wheeled Style

Now this is a site to add to your RSS feeds: ChainLove comes from the folks at While they have done Woot-like sites before for various sports, they have finally gotten around to the cycling community, and ChainLove does not dissatisfactory. With an average discount of more than 40%, they don't stick firmly to the Woot model; instead, they put up a single item, in limited quantities, and when it sells out, up goes another.

So far the selection is definitely slanted more to the women and cold weather items, but there have definitely been some ones I've wished I grabbed. I like this "specialized" Woot evolution: I can see this expanding to all sorts. Heck, Woot themselves already do specialized ones for wine and t-shirts; let's hope for even more selection in the future!

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