Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fleet Week's Parade Of Scraps?

Maybe it's just me, but when I head over to learn about San Francisco's Fleet Week, and I see a feature is a Parade of military Ships, I kinda expected to see Navy craft. Instead, I check out the history of one of the 4 ships, the Bonhomme Richard, and find this tidbit:

Bon Homme Richard was ordered inactivated at the end of her 1970 deployment. She decommissioned in July 1971, becoming part of the Reserve Fleet at Bremerton, Washington. The ship was stricken from the Navy List in 1989 and was sold for scrapping February 4, 1992.
Did I miss something here? The ship was decommissioned 37 years ago, removed from the reserve fleet 19 years ago, and supposed to be torn into little pieces 16 years ago...and she is proudly headlining the ocean part of the strangely named "Fleet Week?" I missing something? Not the least of which is, how the hell is this ship still sailing, since it was supposed to be a proud example of military recycling by now?

Hey, can we change the marketing a bit to reflect this? Call it "Blue Angels Week" and be done.

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