Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Ultimate Connected Device...through Sneakernet?

Let me start by saying that I love my Dash GPS. Billed as the world's first 2-way connected GPS, it offers me all I hoped for and more: real-time traffic, including crowdsourced data from other Dash users; the ability to send an address to the GPS from the web, so it's waiting for me...list goes on.

Got an e-mail update from them yesterday. Hidden in it was this tidbit:

GET READY: New maps & software coming soon

We're putting the finishing touches on our Winter08 software release featuring updated maps of the United States and Canada plus a number of enhancements. Since this one is chock full of data, it will be sent to you on DVD. To request your free upgrade DVD, please enter your shipping address in the MyAccount area at MyDash.

Um, let me make sure I understand. You make a GPS who's primary selling point is that it's always connected online, via WiFi or GPRS. It's called the "connected GPS." And the method you are using to send the Winter the U.S. Mail??? Worse, on a DVD, so I have to connect the Dash to the computer, rather than just over the air?

I'm sure they'll say that the update would be too dense for over the air, but you live by the sword; you die by it. C'mon, Dash: put some damage control in place ASAP by sending a note that the update will primarily be available over the air, but the DVD will be sent as a backup, "just in case."

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