Sunday, January 04, 2009

Free Yourself From Paper...For Free

It comes as no surprise to regular readers of this sporadically-published blog, but I hate paper. And my hatred is only typified by faxes. In this day and age of scanners, PDF's, and e-mail, it is simply unacceptable to me to have to be enslaved to 1970's technology to such a degree. I frequently draft contracts, turn them into PDF's (complete with my digitized signature), and e-mail them, but the recipient is forced to print the damned thing, sign their names, and fax them back to me. Argh.

I've used virtual faxing services before, such as eFax (I actually closed paperwork on buying a house with it), but they don't always meet my occasional needs for the cost they incur. Fortunately, today, I discovered one free alternative: jConnect offers a free receive-only fax account that delivers faxes sent to my virtual number right to my e-mail. Did I mention it's free? That it costs nothing? Nada? Zip?

If you have the occasional need to receive faxes, I cannot recommend this free service enough. Took seconds to sign up, and I was receiving faxes in my Gmail in minutes. In these troubled economic times (drink), any advantage you can get to save money, stop wasting paper, and receive those pesky faxes anywhere you have a computer is a nice deal.

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