Friday, January 16, 2009

Portable Bike Lane

Interesting concept for a laser projected instant bike lane for cyclists and, conceivably, motorists. However, upon closer inspection, this appears to be a false promise of safety, as it really can't be seen by motorists until it's too late.

As one commenter says,
"Performance sells a 9 led light for under $20. Cateye sells a 11 led light for under $30. Planet Bike sells one with a single high intensity (1 watt) flashing light. All are visible for over a half mile. That gives you 30 seconds to react to the presence of something in the road ahead of you that has a red or amber flashing light. Count out 30 seconds. If you can’t react to something in that time, then you would have already killed yourself driving into the side of a building or a truck."
Still, just so damned cool.

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