Sunday, January 25, 2009

Twhirl: One Status Message App to Rule Them All

Mashable breaks the news of a powerful new update to the Adobe AIR-powered Twhirl client today. Among the features of the upcoming preview release are the ability to post messages to (allowing simultaneous status updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), as well as the ability to see any tweets you are even mentioned in, regardless of where in the message you are.

Twhirl is a desktop client that allows you to both post and monitor your Twitter feeds. Among its advantages are the ability to automatically give long URLs the TinyURL treatment, automatically post photos to Twitter, and handle direct messages and replies with the deftness of an IM program. I've been using it for months as my preferred desktop client, primarily because of the range of features, as well as the nice UI, but with these improved features, it goes well beyond a nice to have to a real winner. I'd like to see an easy way to automatically exclude messages posting to when common Twitter conventions are used (such as "@username" or "#CES2009"), but I'm thrilled for the features I see here!

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