Sunday, February 15, 2009

Infinite Wallet Space for Loyalty Cards

Disclaimer: I am in the business of helping loyalty programs thrive.

With all of the loyalty programs out there, it seems bizarre that so many companies still use physical cards. There's good reason, of course: the barcode on the card is read by the point of sale system (POS). But the average American's wallet only has 6-8 slots, total: after license, credit cards, ATM cards, and the other essentials, there is rarely room for another.

If you have an iPhone, you might be in luck. A new free application, called WalletZero, allows you to simply enter in the number on your loyalty card. If it's a card that features a barcode, it generates it on the large iPhone screen, allowing it to be scanned right off the screen at POS. The app knows many of the most common programs, and even allows you to enter ones for those that are not necessarily barcoded.

Lots good about this app, but definitely some improvements could help. First, it relies on the developer to add more programs; I'd like to see a more freeform input approach. Second, it doesn't personalize with the logo or colors of the program. Finally, there are various misspellings, but those are minor.

Overall, a nice way to apply technology to a common problem. A great first effort, and I'd love to see it thrive!


JJ said...

As the lead developer, I take full responsibility for any speling mistakes.

Also, the latest release of Wallet Zero, which was launched last night, significantly improves on the free-form cards, effectively letting you add your own card for just about any retail loyalty program.

We're actively adding features and prioritizing them based upon user feedback.

Hope this helps,

Josh Tretakoff said...

Great news, Jim. Thanks! Let me know if you are interested in a potential sponsor for the app.

Destry said...

Any chance of an Android version? I've just been taking pictures of them but I think that this would be easier.