Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something new here!

Yep, 2009 brings a new look to the old Tretakoff Musings. First, answering some of your complaints, I've eliminated a lot of the slow widgets that were making page loads a beast. Second, I've moved to the 21st century with CSS instead of kludgy HTML. Finally, I've shifted hosting of the blog over to Blogger's hosted BlogSpot domain, to enable easier editing.

Special thanks to the folks at InfoCreek for the gorgeous Aspire theme. It took some serious hours of monkeying around with it for a non-HTML pro like myself to make it just right, but I'm pretty happy with the result. I hope you are, too! I still need to add back in links for my fellow bloggers, but hey, I couldn't wait forever to post this.

Of course, with migration comes a bit of pain. First, while the old RSS feed at should continue to work, if it does not, please update your RSS feeds to point at instead. If you are using the mobile version, there's a sparkly new version at that better reflects the site's look and feel. Some of the relevant navigation elements from the old site, like links to Josh's resume or those stunningly well-edited home movies, are now off to the right, in the Tretakoff Links section. I'm fairly sure my old cool JavaScript the automatically updated the webcam image every 30 seconds has a few glitches, so I'll be working on that. Of course, if you head to, it will automatically redirect here, so enjoy!

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