Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome To The Red Zone

Great news for football fans: DirecTV's "Red Zone" service will now be available to non-DirecTV subscribers, as part of a new deal between the NFL and the satellite carrier.

What is Red Zone?
"The Red Zone channel works much like the NFL Network's pre-season No Huddle program that goes from game to game. The premise of the Red Zone Channel is to bounce from game to game as a team moves the ball inside their opponents 20-yard line. A narrator alerts the viewer to an on-screen game change with a brief explanation of what is currently going on in that game."
Best of all, hidden in the announcement was this juicy morsel:
"Under terms of the deal with the satellite carrier, the “Red Zone” channel that shows live cut-ins from all Sunday afternoon games will be available to cable TV, wireless devices and the Internet."
NFL on iPhone, baby! Woo-hoo! Only 6 more months until the season kicks off with the Patriots against T.O's new team, the Bills. Oh, yeah, and the Steelers play earlier, too. ;-)

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