Saturday, April 18, 2009

iPhone vs. Pre: The Battle for my $ Continues

I've made no secret of this summer's epic phone battle for my 3 Franklins:
it's going to be either the new version of the iPhone that I have truly loved since purchasing it, or the potentially game-changing Palm Pre, with it's revolutionary OS and nearly psychic assistance. But the word comes today of the latest skirmish: Hulu is coming to the iPhone.

Forget the Slingbox, with it's high price to watch my DVR. Forget the lame and buggy Joost app for the iPhone. This makes yet another major reason to stick with the Apple supremacy. Watching streaming episodes of almost all networks, with the service remembering my place? It's like having the world's largest DVR, in the palm of my hand.

Now, the counterpunch is up to the Pre: it support Flash, so theoretically, I could watch Hulu right on its browser. Hard to tell for sure, but the secrecy around the Pre is wearing thin: no firm launch date, still no details on how it handles video and music management, and no idea of price, not to mention the worrisome nature of the Sprint all adds up to a chance for Apple, with it's iPhone 3.0, to take the shine off the threat of the Pre.

And speaking of the Sprint network, they have been savvy enough to hire Goodby Silverstein to redo their image. Gone are the black and white vignettes of the CEO walking through the city; in is the snarky, hip image that a cutting edge Pre will need. Check out their inaugural commercial here (and see the Pre for a moment at the end):

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