Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fresh Baked Tweets

How's this for a "fresh" way to use Twitter? The BakerTweet is a device that allows bakeries to post the goodies coming out of the oven to Twitter. Passionate baked goods fans already are salivating, but the ability to get notified when the latest warm bready creations are served piping hot down the street from you should attract even the most jaded culinary tastes.

Because the bakery staff should not be distracted from their craft, the BakerTweet allows the user to simply rotate a dial to the current steaming delicacy, and press a single button: no laptop typing, no cell phones. This is being used in the UK so far, but the warm ovens of the selected US purveyors should definitely take note, especially with the recent popularity of Twitter and those roving gourmet food trucks.

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