Thursday, May 07, 2009

LinkedIn: UI Fail

Look, I don't ask much (well, that's not actually true, but work with me here...). The very least is, when offering a social network, and giving me the option to connect with another person on the network...let me connect?

Case in point: LinkedIn. Great resource, excellent product. Xobni alerts me that there is someone I get e-mail from whom I can connect with on LinkedIn. I click through, get the LinkedIn page for the person, define how I know her, and click Connect. What do I get? A page refresh, and an error that says" We're sorry, but you cannot send this invitation." No explanation. No reason, just that. It would be one thing if I only got it once, but this must happen at least once a week. In the parlance of the day, Fail.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Noel said...

Yes, I just got it too... I love xobni, and Linkedin. No support for this error amid Linkedin's FAQs and your blog is the only place on the net that I got a hit with the error text. Either we're the only two people using both tools, or something else is going on... have you found any help?

Josh Tretakoff said...

No update from LinkedIn, but the incident rate has dramatically decreased since I reinstalled Xobni. I am planning on reinstalling again today, as the search function has mysteriously stopped.