Saturday, May 30, 2009

Palm Pre & iTunes

Oh, yeah: it's on. A week from today, I hope to be holding a brand new Palm Pre. I've been enthralled with the promise of this new phone, but this last piece of news pushed me over the edge: the Palm Pre will sync with iTunes. Yep, I can use that same massive piece of bloated software I use today to manage my podcasts, video, and music with the upcoming Palm Hail Mary.

I'm planning on scooping this baby up next week, in hopes it's all I dream it is. If not, I'll take advantage of Sprint's 30 day return policy as a good way to ensure it is not a costly lesson. My only concerns with the Pre at this point:
  1. Sprint's network. The maps all say it should be good, but reports in the field are mixed. Of course, the same can and is said about AT&T's coverage (something I get a lot of exposure to on my frequent trips).
  2. The Sprint customer service. From everything I hear, it's abysmal. AT&T has actually spoiled me in that way. I imagine a rant in 30 days if I can't cancel correctly, so stay tuned...
  3. The 8 GB memory. I have an original 8GB iPhone, and, while it is usually large enough, on long road trips I like to load up the thing with video. I've been chafing at the limitations, and I'm sure the new iPhone (which I'm betting on hitting in July) will have more than 20GB; probably 32.
  4. The physical feel. There is no doubt the Pre looks sexy, but early reports indicate it feels a but cheap, and does not have the weight of the glass-screened iPhone. I have to say, the professional construction of the iPhone is a huge winner to me, so let's hope Palm brings it here.
  5. The expected scarcity of apps. I know, early adopter tax, but there as so many I can't live without...
Beyond those, I'm actually very hopeful! I'm truly looking forward to the WebOS, the Synergy, and even the Sprint apps (the NFL on the Pre? Oh, yeah.)...they all add up to a tantalizing power package.

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