Saturday, December 12, 2009

Football Season is Over

No, the NFL season continues on. But my Fantasy season has come to an inglorious end. I've had several great seasons, but this one doesn't rank up there. In 2006, I took it all. 2007, I came 1 win short of the title. Last year, I snuck into the playoffs after having given up, and managed to even get through the first round.

This season? Not so much. Despite having the #1 pick of the draft (which I did NOT arrange for, as commissioner, despite conspiracy theories to the contrary) which I used on fantasy stud Adrian Peterson, and my beloved Cowboy gunslinger Tony Romo as my QB, and even a new iPhone app to manage my team, I failed to make the playoffs for the first time in my fantasy career. I finished on a high note, as the image shows here, with yet another strong performance. In fact, in my league, I scored the 4th most points all season. Yet I could not overcome the attention deficit that my work life imposed, causing me to make late adjustments and poor lineup choices.

This season taught me a good lesson: that $50 investment needs to be actively managed to yield a strong dividend. Would I pay less attention to work and more to my fantasy team, if I had to do it again? Of course not. But I will be more structured: like any good team, I'll take this learning and make a much more rigorous training schedule for next season. And I'll be back on top before you know it.

Sure I will. :-)

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