Saturday, December 05, 2009

Trillian Makes it to the iPhone

Yes, it finally has happened. My favorite IM client has made it to the iPhone, and it was worth the wait. For $5, Trillian users instantly get their full buddy list, across all IM services, complete with renamed buddies and, best of all, push notification for new messages!

There are features a plenty, but the biggest advantage Trillian brings to the iPhone is stability and seamless sync with PC clients. I've been using it for a couple of weeks, and I'm pleased to see it works so well. The push notification mostly works perfectly, except for the occasional odd time it doesn't alert you, but it's made life a lot easier so far.

Of course, not all is golden; there is room for improvement. I'd very much like to see a few changes:
  • Allow buddies to be displayed in tiles, as Trillian does on the PC. With the small screen of the iPhone, this is almost a must.
  • A one click to set status messages from presets.
  • Better control of the sounds to choose different ones for the notifications.
  • The ability to stay online with the iPhone while also on the PC, or at the very least the ability to automatically log on to the iPhone version when quitting the PC version, and vice versa.
  • No Twitter or Facebook on the iPhone version? C'mon...I could dump Tweetie in a second!
  • I realize the Skype integration in Trillian is a bit wonky, but not even an effort here. Hey, I'm on Skype more than most everything else.
Overall, small quibbles, but truly a magnificent addition to the iPhone, continuing to make it the ultimate device it's come to be.

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