Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New York and Awards

I recently stayed at the New Yorker Hotel in (yes, you guessed it) New York City. It was a spectacular surprise; I had thought I had a room at the W, but fumbled my bookings. So there I am, in NYC, needing a hotel for the night. I fired up my HotelsNearMe app on the iPhone while I grabbed a bite to eat, and it showed me The New Yorker Hotel. Location good, price great, reviews good. OK, I'm in.

I arrived very late, having been out with clients all night. The lobby was great: very deco and modern, all at the same time. Evokes classic NYC without feeling old in any way. The desk clerk was very nice, and checked me in. We chatted a bit, and he smiled, then said, "Sir, I'm going to upgrade your room to one with a balcony." I thanked him, a bit bemused why a balcony made all the difference; after all, most hotels I stay at have the sliver of a cement slab they call a balcony. But I was tired, and appreciated his enthusiasm. I took my key, and headed up to the 38th floor.

When I arrived in my room, I was blown away. Words don't do it justice; see for yourself:

Oh, and that balcony? While you couldn't see how big it is in the video it in the night, here's a shot of the morning:

Yeah, it was ALL that. I thanked the man who upgraded me profusely, and enjoyed. But wait, there's more. Talk about a good follow up experience: the hotel found me on Twitter, and checked in with me to ask how my stay was. With all of the travel I do, and all of the hotels I stay at, that was a first. I replied with a link to the video. That apparently lead to being named the winner of the week (whatever dubious honor that bestows) by a blogger (mayhap the same person handle the New Yorker Hotel's social media efforts?). I'm honored.

Yeah, safe to say this hotel knows how to use new media to interact with the guests...and will be my first choice to stay at every trip to NYC. Nice way to make a loyal customer!

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Tim Kilroy said...

What a great experience! I may forgo the W next time, too!