Monday, December 27, 2010

Netflix: Resisting The Social Revolution?

I was a little surprised today when I went on to Netflix to send a recommendation on a movie with a friend. My instinct was to simply pull up the page for the movie and click on the ubiquitous "Share" button that is on every news story, e-commerce page, and yes, even this blog. Surprisingly, it wasn't even there. In poking around the site, I found the message you see here: Netflix has actually pulled their social efforts.

Now, it ain't all as insane as it sounds. For instance, Netflix has connected with Facebook, allowing yoru Facebook feed to be spammed with all of your movie ratings. But here's what surprises me: Netflix recently reported that they now streaming first, DVD delivery second. 60% of their subscribers stream content now, including my mother! Now, imagine I could simply identify them as friends, have them allow it (as they did previously with the social experience), and I could actually add the movie to their streaming queue. Perhaps it could show up as "added by friends." Hell, use Facebook Connect, if you want, so it can validate against my friend list there.

Instead, now I get to copy/paste into an e-mail, like the Internet's version of stone tablets and chisels. C'mon, Netflix: you are already being attacked by Hulu, cable companies, and YouTube: time to stay on the edge by doing what they can't. A couple of links, and you can get started. How about a New Year's Resolution?

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