Saturday, January 08, 2011

eWallet Users: Discover Dropbox

I am an avid user of eWallet, a great application to store your personal information safely and securely: passwords, credit card info, back name it. Unlike my advocacy of "living in the Cloud" for just about every other application and data set, I still think security is a concern: do you really want your passwords stored on a server that can be accidentally obtained or hacked? Nope, and neither do I, so I use eWallet to store it all: it's a Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android app that syncs locally, and stores everything in 256 bit encryption.

Problem is, I want to access that data on multiple machines. Sure, I can fire up the iPhone and see it there, but it's more convenient to have it on my other PC's, as well. I experimented with they remote syncing options, but they all required a password to be sent in the clear, something that is a definite no-no. Then I read on their blog that they are releasing a Windows Phone 7 version, and they pointed out that it works with Dropbox. I had heard of Dropbox, but never checked it out; I just assumed it was a client app that you could sync files with. I installed it (free for 2GB), and fired it up.

First, boy was I wrong. Saying it is just a client app that can sync files is like saying the Golden Gate Bridge is just an ok way not to get wet crossing the San Francisco bay. It installs itself at the Windows level: it appears as just another folder on your hard drive. But it's constantly looking for new and changed files in there, and syncing to your other Dropbox points. Instantly. Like, no work. No starting up, no pressing a button to Sync; it just works.

I'm pleased to report that this solution works brilliantly with eWallet. No more syncing, no more password passing: the same file is just there, and can be accessed by any computer running Dropbox. Here's what to do:

  1. Install eWallet and Dropbox on all machines you want.
  2. On the first machine, start up eWallet and Save your Wallet into your Dropbox folder. 
  3. Open your Dropbox Wallet in eWallet. Like everything there? Great; you are done.
  4. On the other machines you have, open eWallet and open the Wallet in your Dropbox folder.
That's it. All machines have access to the same Wallet, and changes are automatically made because it's the same Wallet. No deltas, no syncing, no duplicates: all there.

And can't beat the price! Yeah!


Gert-Jan said...


I have the same problem you descripe. I did install ewallet on PC and Iphone. also instelled dropbox APP and dropbox on PC. I can Sync the .WLT file on both units but how can I start the eWallet file in my iPhone. On a windows machine you jjust have to click on the .wlt file and eWallet starts. but on iphone it doesn't work that way. Can you help me?

kind regards,


Edorah said...

Hi There, here are the steps to open eWallet on iPhone:

- Open Dropbox on the iphone.
- Go to the folder where your wallet file is.
- click on the file as if you were opening. Dropbox will complain that it cannot open the file.
- in that window click on the lower right icon on the screen, it is the curved arrow.
- it will show eWallet as an option. select eWallet and your wallet is open on eWallet on iphone.

the only drawback is that eWallet creates a copy of this and therefore the next time you open in this fashion eWallet will consider it as a different file. So if the first file is Home.wlt the next one will be Home-1.wlt. I have not been able to crack that yet.