Sunday, August 07, 2011

Best Reason To Use Android

I always try to keep myself out of the canonical debates on OS. Mac Vs. PC? I used to head up the largest Mac user group in the world, but today I prefer Windows 7. Palm Vs. Anything? I was a Palm guy, all the way, but as soon as iOS hit, I gladly jumped ship. Today, it's all about iOS vs. Android. I won't get into the debate, but suffice it to say, there are good points on both. Me, I come down on iOS, but I just picked up an Android tablet (more on that in another post), to be sure I haven't been missing out, or maybe see the other side.

Through all of that, however, the best argument I have seen for using Android on your mobile phone was made by this article from Ars Technica. Someone lost their phone; it happens all the time. Sure, there's software that you can install ("apps," for those new to this arena) that, when installed before you lose it, helps you to track your phone down. What happens if you had not yet installed that software, through? Out of luck, right? Wrong, thanks to Android and Plan B, allowing you to remotely install Plan B after you have lost the phone, and you are on the road to finding your lost smartphone.

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. and a great read, as well.

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