Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Google: Get Up To Date

I have always enjoyed Google's ease of use and almost intuitive response. Lately, however, I have been getting more and more frustrated with the quality of the it pertains to date. I know Google is trying to give me the best match to my text, but with the sheer quantity of user generated content (UGC), recency is becoming increasingly as important.

For example, take this recent search for "best waterproof cycling gloves:"
Now, note the first result. The date of it? 2007; 4 years ago. Just underneath it is an other result that one would think would be more of a direct match to my search query, and at least that is in the last 12 months. And note the 2nd result: it looks to be a direct match. The date? 2010, a full three years later than the first result.

Now here's the problem: Google may think that I really wanted to learn more about why my search is fruitless (look at the first result there), but I want to see the results themselves, with more recent data first. You are telling me they can't at least give me an option to see more recent first?

By the way, before you say "why not just use Bing?", Bing cleverly gets around hiding the dates. I prefer more info, just better info. :-)

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