Monday, January 23, 2012

Grantland: Great or Greatest?

I just have to say, Bill Simmons' Grantland has matured and blossomed: it has become a staple for me for funny, insightful sports and culture related reading. If you are a fan of good writing and sports, there is frankly nothing better out there. Some examples, just from today:

  • The staff of Grantland published a recap of the emails exchanged between the staff during yesterday's NFL Championship games. 
    • "The move to hire multiple ex-Oz cast members to shill for insurance companies fascinates me. We're one step away from Simon Adebisi holding a machete to somebody's neck until they tearfully agree to switch their renter's insurance." 
    • "I'll be shocked if Gronkowski doesn't have a sizable role in the Expendables sequel." 
    • "How severe a neck injury would Peyton Manning have to suffer to keep him out of commercials? I think it'd take a full decapitation, and even then he'd probably still get in some New Era ads." 
    • "Lisanti: Ray Lewis is going to be standing suspiciously nearby, but not actively participating in, Cundiff's murder.Mays: Too soon." 
  • Hua Hsu's poignant view of the NFC Championship game from a Niners Fan perspective: "All of a sudden, we were returned to real life, where tomorrow was Monday, our clothes were wet, and it was very cold outside. We would soon be sitting in traffic, cursing whoever it was that designed Candlestick." 
  • Charles Pierce's perfect summary of the AFC Championship: "Baltimore Ravens placekicker Billy Cundiff picked exactly the wrong moment to scale Buckner Mountain."
Bravo, folks. Keep it coming.

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