Wednesday, September 05, 2012

iPhone 5 Bingo

As you may have heard, the iPhone 5 event was announced today. Well, being Apple, they can't actually announce it; instead, they used a clever graphic shadow to indicate something with the number 5 is coming on September 12th's long rumored event.

As much as I am feeling iOS is getting long in the tooth, I have to say that it's still the best option out there. Yes, Android is more open, but it's UI is still very messy and feels like a command line mask, instead of a fluid OS (yes, I know Butter is coming, but alas, not to most Android models yet). And I love the grown-up feel of Windows Phone's Metro interface, but the app support is really lacking, as is the basic functionality. So, I find my upgrade cycle pinned on Cupertino once again, and the newest iToy, with the new iOS 6 to make it hum.

While the rumors are flying fast and furious, one delightful graphic invites us to play iPhone 5 Bingo on the day of release:

Some of these are clever snarks, others are rueful dead-on observations, while others are so hoped for. My personal wishlist?

  • Bigger screen (just about every leak points to this, with a longer screen in store)
  • Faster processor (always happens)
  • Best Bluetooth ever. I don't care what number, I'm tired of my iPhone 4 acting like it's a 1930's transistor radio when I use a headset.
  • NFC. Oh, yes, please. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's short for near field communication: you know those keyfobs the credit card companies were pushing for you to tap your keys to pay? It's that. I want it in my phone: get me out of this paper and plastic payment prison.
  • A kick ass battery that uses special software to optimize and share with others your usage, so we can all quickly tell if the problem is our phone, the apps on it, or the fact that these suckers need juice like a vampire wants extra-rare meat. 
  • Rumors all point to a new connector in this version. yep, that's why those cases and chargers for iPhones have been showing up everywhere discounted. Ok, I'm cool with that...if you give me an adaptor that lets me use my old iAccessories with the new hotness. Charge me for additional ones, but give me one at least.
11 days from now, we'll all know. Until then...preorder is ready. I guess it's time to say farewell to the old AT&T Unlimited plan. I still can't pull the trigger on Verizon, as I need to use my phone for data and voice at the same time without wifi (try doing conference calls while you travel; you'll see), and 4G ain't ubiquitous yet, so I think I'm stuck with the Death Star again. Maybe Apple will announce something to address that on the 12th?

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mdgberg said...

I'm hearing NFC is out. Which would suck. I really hope that's wrong.