Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taxi Makes A Splash

San Francisco now joins other major cities with significant waterfront by adding a water taxi, allowing patrons to skirt traffic by riding the waves. One of the many innovations to the waterfront planned for the big America's Cup races, this is one that's long overdue. True, scheduled ferry service runs between San Francisco and destinations like Vallejo, Sausalito, Oakland, Tiburon, and Larkspur, as well as a near-mythical Redwood City run, but still the rest are woefully underserved. This is a good step forward.

Pricing is pretty competitive. For a traditional cab from the Metreon to Sausalito's Cavallo Point, it's about $40. That doesn't count the massive traffic on the bridge approach, or on the bridge itself. The new Water Taxi , allows you to walk a few blocks to Pier 1 1/2, and zip away in traffic-free comfort for only $25 more. Not too bad, to ensure you make that table at Murray Circle. They do offer discounts for frequent riders, and, like any cab, the fare is not per person.

Truthfully, I'd love to see an SFO run: now THAT is the way to fly.

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