Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 3 of 2 Weeks With WP8: Hard Stop

- Trying to resolve the triplication of photos. Fired up the sync app, unchecked everything. Attempted to sync. All went, but then I get the message that nothing was able to delete because of an error and I should call support. Click on the help link, go to the main landing page for WP8. Ugh.
- Ah, finally something that can see the triplicates (looking at them when mounted as a drive does not): the sync app, in the Phone section. But...deleting them fails. Sigh.
- Went to a mobile formatted page with embedded video. The video won’t play? Not even if I click on it. Uh oh, this may be a killer.
- iMesage holds on and doesn’t want to let go. If you have ever conducted an iMessage conversation on iOS, it hijacks all future conversations: the other party thinks they are messaging you, but the message does not get delievered as a text message, even if you have told iOS to turn off iMessage. Only way to solve is text from the new phone to start a new conversation.
- Nokia Drive: fail. No spoken street names. No background audio prompts when on a call. No advance notice of freeway exit. What a fail.
- The device physically got hot while running GPS. Second time its heated up.
- Where's the spoken caller id? Just rings. Not good.
- Used for a conference call when I drove. The overly sensitive photo sensor kept blanking the screen as I'd reach for the mute button.
- Also on the conference call: could not copy and paste in the access code for the conference ID. Not sure if you can in iOS.
- Did a hard reset to clear out the triplication. Been 10 minutes so far, and all I see is a screen with gears turning on it. What's up with that?
- After an hour, decided to get professional help. I opted for an online chat with AT&T, with a simultaneous call on Nokia's phone line. Again, AT&T faster and more helpful. They were able to help me break the gear turning cycle, but only to find a dead phone. Bizarre, since it was plugged in the whole time. How is that? AT&T agrees, and suggests bringing to the store as this one is a lemon.
- Nokia, on the other hand, took 20 minutes to get a non English speaking helper, 5 minutes of useless data gathering to come to the conclusion I needed a "specialist". Who's available...tomorrow. Punt.
- AT&T store had no replacements (sold out). Opted to have a new one sent.

Back on the old iPhone. I'll note the impressions.

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