Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Pebble Color & The Wisdom Of the Crowds

After successfully backing one of my dream projects, the Pebble Watch, I am still waiting months later. Why? Because they produced Black first, and I ordered Grey. Today, Pebble sent an update that says the Grey (as well as other colors), are further delayed and are "problematic." No ETA on when they will ship.

Towards that end, they are offering folks like me the ability to swap out my color choice for a black version, and ship ASAP. So, help me decide: do I go for the Black Pebble in my hand, or wait for the Grey Pebble in the bush? I will abide by the wisdom of the crowd: voting will end by 4/12. Whatever you folks decide, that's what I will agree to.

So, put your color on my wrist!

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