Friday, November 16, 2012

iOS to WP8: Not Alone

Big thanks to my friend Lani Chin (who you should all subscribe to her blog; great and insightful writing) for pointing out that, oddly, I am not the only tech geek trying to switch from iOS to Windows Phone 8 on a Nokia Lumia 920 AND blog daily about it. Mashable's Christina Warren, a professional blogger, took up the idea too, and is off and running.

Her journal is educational, insightful, and entertaining. While she, presumably, made it past Day 3 (I did not, as my entry pointed out), many of her observations echo mine. Now that I'm back on the iPhone 4 (temporarily, while the new 920 is shipped to me), I'm able to notice several key differences:
  • Damn, that Lumia is FAST. Going back to my iPhone 4 is like using an old 386 PC.
  • I miss the big screen and vibrant colors, as well as the live tiles. 
  • I am stunned at how easy it is to operate my iPhone one handed. The Lumia definitely requires all hands on deck.
  • I actually am surprised that I am as reliant on iOS' pull down tray for alerts to see what I missed as I am. I expected that would be one of the most modern things about WP8; not so much. Of course, Android seems to kick both their butts in that.
Some things Christina and I have both noticed in our experience:
  • The Lumia can get very physically hot. Not sure why, or what causes it. For her, the NFC maybe; me, the GPS.
  • Both of us have had odd experiences with the battery. In my case, a hard reset bricked it and destroyed the ability of the battery to hold a charge; for her, fast draining.
  • Apps are about as easy to discover on both platforms.
As soon as my new 920 comes in, I'll resume the experiment and continue sharing my observations. But I'm a dilletante; Christina is a pro, so see what she has to say while you wait for me to resume.

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