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Late May update Switched to Blogger for posting these messages. Allows for much better stream of consciousness. Wish there was a way to automate the hyperlinks, but I’ve found a great Widget for Konfabulator that allows me to post my Blog on the fly! Really loving the Mac more these days; OSX makes all the difference. For instance, in addition to Konfabulator, I got turned on to Fire, which allows me to IM on Yahoo, AIM, and MSN all in one application. Like Trillian for the Mac. Still a tad unstable, but better than all 3 apps at once! OK, so, as one of the biggest Matrix fans, everyone asks what I thought of Matrix Reloaded. The effects were amazing. The story was convoluted. The Characters: you needed a program to keep up with them all. In short, nowhere near the power of The Matrix, but I was glad to see them all back in action. Like any good 2nd movie of a trilogy, it sets up the 3rd more than anything else.
May 2003 The latest ramblings in Josh's mind... Bill Simmons, aka "The Sports Guy," is one of the funniest, and observant columnists, ever. Don't be fooled by his title; he writes about some of the best cultural references of the 1980's and beyond. Two of his recent columns, Basketball Jesus , and West Coast Sports Watching , are some of his best. This man deserves more than just a writing gig on the Jimmy Kimmel Show . See his old columns for yourself! Heading to Boston to speak for Altura at Boston Business: Outside the Box . After struggling with the Siemens great dual base phone system I finally had to confront the static, and get a new phone. My friend Stephanie highly recommended the new 5.8 GHz V-Tech ...we'll see how it goes! I just finished listening to the Biography of Howard Hughes : what an insane man. Listening to Salt , right now: fascinating! Not much tops The Diamond
4/25/03: Looks like we are overdue for an update again! Let's see… Josh I was sicker than I have been in 20 years this last month. Call it bronchitis, pneumonia, SARS, The Plague…whatever: I had it. Took 3 weeks to get rid of the dammed thing! I lost about 35 pounds, thanks to the late Dr, Atkins . Worked like a charm, and I'm enjoying the new diet. I'm done losing weight for a while; I'm content to be below 200! Just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with Altura ! What a fast year! I have a great team: in the last few months, I added Charlotte Falk, Karl Schafer-Junger, and Tim Kilroy! Made a trip back to Boston for a few days to catch up on old times. Not a lot of time, but it was fun!   Heading back to Boston in early May, so hopefully I'll catch up with those I did not before. bGon Enterprises continues to grow! We took on abo
November's posting... Well, what the heck have we been up to?  It's been a while since we've had enough time to update the site with details on what we've been up to. I've never kept a journal, so I'm woefully out of practice, and I'm not all that familiar with "blogging," but it seems a good, meaty update on what we are doing and up to is in order. Here goes! All is well at the homefront. El NiƱo has returned to Northern California this year, bringing wet and wild weather. We had a near hurricane a couple of weeks ago that blew many shingles off the roof, and forced me out into the storm to reattach gutters in the howling storm! At least I finally realized how great a power drill is! The deer have adopted our house as home. A family of five live under the stairs and on the hillside, so we've grown accustomed to each other. Josh is now busier than a one-armed paperhanger! As Director of Business Development for Altura International , I'm s