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Best Bond Theme

I recently got into a kick of listening to the James Bond themes, triggered by Billie Eilish releasing her latest version in advance of "No Time To Die". It got me to do some reassessment of my own previous rankings: some came down, some went up. In no particular order: No Time To Die , Billie Eilish. I don't particularly see the appeal of this young wunderkind, but that's cool. I was particularly amused when I saw the description of the song as "James Bond ASMR." Perfect. However, her breathless, quiet voice is undeniably amazing pared with James Horner's orchestral score. I should hate this, but I find myself grudgingly admiring it, and wondering if, in the future, this becomes an all timer. I'll confidently put it in the lower end of the second tier of themes. Writing's On The Wall , Sam Smith . I originally panned the hell out of this, thinking it sounded l ike a mashup of a musical number with a Bond theme. However, time has been ki

XFL 2.0

In case you missed it, professional football is back. Ok, at least semi-professional football. The XFL, having burst on the scene years ago as a half baked cocaine-induced, steroid fueled reimagining of football and professional wrestling. It went about as well as you can imagine, lasting a single season with nothing to show for it than " He Hate Me " jerseys and Tommy Maddox's improbable redemption. It's biggest curse was not the insanity of it's additions, but the poor quality of football play: it was all style and no substance. This weekend, XFL 2.0 kicked off, and they have learned from the past iterations. I took in all 4 of the inaugural games, and tweeted my observations. I've collected them here, and augmented, so enjoy! Thoughts on the #XFL2020 so far: - Love the kickoff change. Much safer. - Post TD choices are silly. - Houston's uniforms look fantastic. LA's & DC's look completely generic. Seattle's look surpris