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Showing posts from July, 2005

Good guys DO finish first!

After Apple cruelly stole the concept and implementation of one of the coolest apps for the PC or Mac, Konfabulator , the future looked bleak. But with Yahoo Purchasing Konfabulator, good guys do get their just rewards. And best of all, it's now FREE!

Mobile Life Tips: Bluetooth is your friend

I make no secret about being a Bluetooth fanatic. It;s the closest to science fiction in the real world. If you aren't familiar with Bluetooth, it's basically a radio communications protocol, designed for electronics to talk to each other in a short range. What that means: - Wireless headsets for your cell phone - Your Palm or PocketPC can use your cell phone as a modem, and browse the web - Wireless headsets for your media player - Your car can download your address book from your cell and dial by voice, with no wires. All of this exists today. The key is to get a cell phone equipped with Bluetooth. There are a bunch out there, but Sony Ericsson seems to do it the best. No issues with "pairing" (that's Bluetooth talk for two Bluetooth devices talking together for the first time), and robust support. If you have a late model Palm, your Palm and your cell can now talk to each other: find the name on your Palm, and dial: your cell phone will dial the phone!