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Showing posts from June, 2003
Ok...time to give credit where credit is due. While NOTHING will get me away from Trillian, Microsoft's new MSN Messenger 6.0 is pretty slick. Great interface: makes AIM & Yahoo look chlidish. Webcamming is a cinch, and great quality (On Yahoo, it always feels just on the verge of crashing). The experience is definitely more shared. You can really feel like you are connecting. I never thought I'd say that MSN Messenger would be the best of the IM clients. Now, if only more folks were on it: most are on AIM; some on Yahoo; some on MSN. I'll keep Trillian to use one program for them all.
This man's weblog, Fazal Majid's low-intensity weblog , saved me. His article on getting a Tungsten T to work with a Sony Ericsson T68i to use Cingular's GPRS as an ISP got me to try it. When I could not make it work, I emailed him. He worked with me, over the span of weeks, to make it happen! He asked for nothing in return, though I offered a bottle of wine. Finally, he asked if I felt I must give him something in return, I make a donation to charities to feed Ethiopia! What a guy! Even better, Cingular claimed this could not be done. I sent their Tech folks the process Fazal outlined, and now THEY will be using it for their tech support! Who says the Web doesn't have an effect???
What the heck is DataViz thinking??? Beyond Contacts purports to be Outlook on your Palm: all the things Palm forgot to port over, it has. It's HUGE . It doesn't use the built-in info from the Chapura conduits, requires at least 5MB of space...and costs $50! Hey, for all that, I can live without the 2 or 3 fields Chapura doesn't import. What a dog...
Google has released the new Google Toolbar . Majorly cool. AutoFill (Microsoft never figured out that the cool feature on the Mac should be on the PC???), a built-in popup stopper, and Blogging on the fly!
Well, Plucker turns out to be very unstable, so back on the shelf it goes until it shapes up. Finished a new section for my cousin Leah's graduation; it's in the Photos section, or by clicking here.
I have found what could be the greatest Palm application ever: Plucker . Like AvantGo, but no limitations, and capturs ANY pages, databases, anything. I'm in the process of building my channels...should be ready tonight!
Ok, the Tungsten's a keeper. The M515 goes up on eBay this weekend! One of the best features? It uses my Cingular GPRS for web access! Haven't fully configured it yet, but hang on... We moved bGon Enterprises to its own webserver; visit it today!
Just won a bid on eBay for a Palm Tungsten T! Built in Bluetooth, OS 5...brave new world coming my way! Look for my Palm M515 with Bluetooth card to head up on eBay real soon!
Christine Fox shared the photos from the Zinfandel tasting party. Great to see some old Impulse friends, and have some great wines! Check out the Amici! It was a great night, and we hope to join in the fun, again!