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Professional Ranting

It's not as often as you would expect, but occasionally the Internet proves yet again that there is far too much of a temptation to act emotionally, while in a professional position. Whether it's congressmen sending shirtless photos of themselves to women they want to cheat on their wives with, or news commenters (note not the completely made-up "commentator") using Twitter to say things they never would in person , it continues to be a plague on the digital house. Today's abject example comes from TechCrunch, the technology blog. In an unusual move, the blogger chose to make a private e-mail exchange with a PR rep from a company public to expose the rep's poor attitude. This is a little surprising for TC, as they are usually pretty professional organization, so it's bizarre that they went out of their way to call this guy out. Unfortunately, it blew up a bit on them, as their interpretation of the exchange was a bit tone deaf, and the comments from lo