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Paper Must Die: The Buc Stops Here

A few months ago, I heralded the impact iPads were having on the NFL . Specifically, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had ditched their behemoth playbooks for the sleek, infinitely better tablet edition. Unfortunately, in all great movements, there are the occasional setbacks, and this one has temporarily sacked the Bucs. The players forgot to charge the iPads . Let me emphasize that again: the Bucs have shifted back (at least for now) to monstrous paper playbooks, losing the ability to have accompanying video and animation, because some players who are paid millions of dollars can't figure out that shiny thing with the 12 hour battery occasionally needs to sip a little performance enhancement? And the Bucs spent the bucks to get those tablets in the hands of the players, but can't run a few power strips and charging cords to the locker room? Seriously? Look, these players all have cell phones and seem to have them charged with no issue. I'd bet good money that they all hav

Paper Must Die: News From the EBook Front

The Detroit News reports today that eBook sales doubled last year. Doubled. Do you know how many industries are grateful for a mere 5 or 10% gain in a year, but eBooks are up over 100%.  Not happy enough? Ok, here you go: in the ultra hot category of young adult fiction (think Hunger Games and Harry Potter ), sales of eBooks now outsell hardcovers. Yep, that's right: the hottest trend in the hottest category. Paper: Dead In My Lifetime.