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Thanks for Madden 2006!

I just have to say a heartfelt thanks! To whomever sent me the Madden 2006 game for PS2! Unfortunately, it came without attribution, so I don’t know who it’s from. Was ordered on Amazon, sent from J&R (my new client!). Thanks!!! An early birthday gift…and HOURS of time-wasting fun!

When Branding Gets Out of Control

I've got a cell phone. It WAS through AT&T Wireless. Then Cingular bought AT&T. So, about a year ago, my phone stopped saying "AT&T" and started saying "Cingular." Now, word comes today, that Cingular is dropping their name. Guess who they are becoming? You got it. Stop these branding people before they change their brand again!

Bill Simmons: sports and culture god

Ok, the man has done it again: If you aren't a sports fan, and are looking for an excuse to understand sports, check out Bill Simmons on's column this week . As a Cowboys and Lost fan, who grew up in New England, The Sports Guy says it the best: "Remember in 'Lost' this week, when Ana Lucia climbed the mountain with the dude holding the radio, and it seemed like they were having a casual conversation, only she was sizing him up the whole time because she thought he might be one of The Others, and there was that weird intensity in her eyes, like she was trying to remain cool, only deep down, she was waiting for the guy to pounce on her so she could stab him ... and it just went on like that for about two minutes before they finally started fighting? Riveting scene, right? Well, that's every Cowboys fan dealing with Drew Bledsoe right now. Stick a camera on a Cowboys fan when Bledsoe goes back to pass in a close game, and I guarantee they have the Ana L

Oh, the Hard Cancel!

I've had an eFax number for years. Great service, if a little pricey. However, I recently have discovered I have no more need for it. So, I tried to cancel. First: No way to call or email them. They ONLY handle cancellations through chat. Ok, I start the chat in Firefox. It breaks. I move to IE; it requires an ActiveX control. I give permission for the control. Chat starts, tells me 5 minutes to wait. 5 minutes goes by, it breaks. I reload: 7 minute wait. 7 minutes goes by: it breaks. Finally, on the third try, it loads. Here's the transcript. If you want to see a textbook example of the "hard cancel," here it is: look at what had to happen to cancel, and note the prepackaged explanations: Welcome to chat. {Kyle W.} Hello, Joshua. Welcome to j2 Global's online support. I am Kyle, your online Live Support Representative. How are you doing today? {Joshua Tretakoff} Are you still there? {Kyle W.} Yes, I am here. {Joshua Tretakoff} Sorry; your chat thing broke the

Classic Videogaming Comes Of Age

All these years that I was convinced I was the only crazy bastard that liked old video games over the new ones, and now vindication is in my grasp. First, there’s the Intellivision device that you can plug into any TV, and it plays the old Intellivision games. Then comes GameTap , a great service with a promising future. Now, I find , which lets you play most of the old Sega games, in your browser! FREE! Man, I’m excited!

Mobile Life Tips: I need your help!

And now it gets interesting. You all know how happy I am with the new Palm TX , right? Well, Cingular is making me a tough offer: my Sony Ericsson T616 has a cracked screen, so I need a replacement. What do I see, when I check out what Cingular has to offer? So, I need your help: any opinions? Comments? I can get a used T616 on eBay for about $50. What do you think?

Videogames TRULY come to life

Many of the most addictive video games out there are all about finding a person and killing them. Clearly, a culture that celebrates such things needs more and more realistic outputs for the homicidal tendencies. What to do? Wait for a new video game console? Not so: bring your inner assassin to the streets, with StreetWars: A 3 week long, 24/7, watergun assassination tournament, starting this week in San Francisco. Tired of watchign too much "DOG: The Bouny Hunter," with no outlet? grab your Super Soaker, pony up your $35, and see if you've got what it takes! Wouldn't it be hilarious if it turned out to be sponsored by the US Army or intelligence services, as an alternative way to recruit? After all, the traditional ways haven't been exactly booming...:-)

A novel use of the Web: Black Friday deal tracking

Black Friday. (n) 1. The day after Thanksgiving. 2. The busiest shopping day of the year, traditionally. 3. The day retailers can offically start getting into the "black," i.e. profitability. 4. Phenomenal deals for early shoppers and risers for Xmas. And now, there's a website devoted to tracking the best deal on Black Friday. They scan the ads, put it into a database, and you can make your shopping list for the busiest day of the shopping year. Innovative.