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My Next GPS

On a recent trip, I managed to misplace the GPS unit that connects to my former (and now Amy's current) Treo. The easy thing to do is to simply buy a new GPS receiver for about $100, and voila. However, I decided to have a look at what the standalone GPS world has evolved to, and, much to my delight, I found the Dash GPS. Dash is, for want of a better expression, GPS evolved. Let's face it, among GPS units, the differences are negligible: all tune into the same satellites, all have the voice prompts, all have the cool maps...etc. Dash takes it a step further: it offers 2-way connectivity, with WiFi, GPRS. Why is this interesting? - It allows the sharing of data from other Dash users. For instance, if several Dash users are stuck in traffic, implied by their speed, the network updates all Dash users, and allows the rerouting for anyone coming in to that vicinity. - It allows you to send destinations from your computer to your GPS as "favorites." No more looking up addr

Mmm...A Bacon Bar

Yep, has to be seen to not only be believed, but worshiped. Note the "applewood smoked."

I Am Iron Man

Yep, it'll be here before iPhone Firmware 2.0. Iron Man brings the iconic Marvel superhero to the big screen, and not a moment too late, as this trailer shows: Starring 4 Academy Award Winners (Robert Downey Jr., Terence Howard, Gwynth Paltrow, and Jeff Bridges), and directed by the always reliable Jon Favreau (hey, not only is the guy an actor and director, but also was in Daredevil !), this movie looks like it'll work on multiple levels. First, it updates the Tony Stark mythos from the comicbook Vietnam Ware era to today. Second, Tony Stark always struggled with the demons of addiction; Robert Downey Jr.'s battles have certainly been public. And finally... did you check out those effects? Oh yeah...bring it on, Shellhead. Psst...wanna learn about Iron Man? Check out the Wikipedia page , or learn how the movie came to be at this great site.

Mobile Google Reader FINALLY Gets It Right

One of the hardships in moving from the Treo to the iPhone was adjusting to the vastly inferior way the browser handled Google Reader Mobile on the iPhone. With the Treo's Blazer browser, pages were easily reformatted for the small screen, and you had the option to turn images off; this made for a fast, well-formatted reading experience of perusing your favorite RSS feeds through Google Reader. On the iPhone, however, images make the page width go haywire, and the confusing controls made reading from page to page nearly impossible. Frustration reigned, and I tried Bloglines and even considered Jailbreaking my iPhone to install an RSS reader. Last week, while absentmindedly trying the mobile Reader again, I noticed some major changes. First, the images were being served up on the same scale as the page width, with an option to click on them to zoom. Second, there were now helpful "Next page" links on the bottom of article list views, allowing you to go to the top of the n

Google's Opening The Kimono?

Two announcements in 24 hours from Google of note: - Google has released a Windows application to keep Outlook and Google Calendar in sync. - Google has finally released an API for Contacts in Gmail , allowing external applications to actually integrate directly, such as Plaxo, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc. The former was initially received with heartfelt happiness, until the limitations were revealed: you can only sync a single calendar. In Google, you can subscribe to an infinite number of shared iCal feeds, and they appear in your Google Calendar as a separate color/calendar. However, they don't actually integrate into the Google Calendar, nor is there a way to merge them in. That means the only place they appear is within Google Calendar. This means that Google's Calendar sync is only as good as Plaxo's, and with less error handling. Harumph. The Contacts API, however, is long overdue. Now, people can sync between their Gmail and apps like Facebook, Plaxo, Trillian, and ev

One Site To Rule Them All

All right, I'll admit it: I'm confused. In this last week, I have watch the "new media" bubble uncontrollably about two things: - Sites that can monitor you and your friends' activities on all of the "cool" sites, like Flickr, Twitter, etc., and publish them in a feed. - Google Calendar sync with Outlook. In all of the mentions, barely a word was spoken about Plaxo . Why? Plaxo has been doing both of these things for quite some time, and has an important advantage over Netvibes , Spokeo , etc.: it already integrates with your address book, and gives users ancillary benefits of keeping their address books up to date. Maybe it's the desperate air of "for sale" that was the reason; maybe it's Plaxo's old "bac'n" problem, but whatever it is, it's unreal. Why would you want to set up all of these additional sites, then convince your contacts to join them, then convince them to sync their online social life, when you ca

Finally, A Sports Guy Rival

I have no idea who MJD is, but I gotta love his short takes on the NFL in the surprisingly funny Yahoo Sports Blog, Shutdown Corner . Some absolute gems: - " I think the only appropriate conclusion to be drawn here is that Tom Brady, all season long, had been molesting Randy Moss. Nothing else make sense. The only way any receiver, let alone an elite one like Moss, would want to leave his current quarterback for Daunte Culpepper is if his current quarterback was touching him in inappropriate places. " - " And as soon as I hit "publish" on this post, the Browns signed Derek Anderson [you're a damn liar, Phil Savage]. Please disregard everything you've just read. You may still continue to enjoy the photo, though.) " - " The only way I'd understand was if the Cowboys were afraid that Barber's body would break down early because of the punishing, skull-bashing, child-frightening, wild mongoose running style Barber uses. " High comedy