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Showing posts from July, 2003
Every time I think the Web can't impress me... The folks at :: The Digital Laboratory of, have found a way to listen to movies online. That's right: listen to movies. Why listen? Hey, when I work from home, I have movies on in the background all day. Not watching, just listening. Scary, but it looks like I am not alone in this, and these folks have made it easy to listen!
Y'know, it occurs to me that some folks don't know they can spy on me whenever I am working from home, with my Webcam . I use the built-in webcam for Yahoo Messenger, through Trillian. When I am not using the camera for MSN Messenger, it's always on here.
I've put up some pictures from my new 3.3MP digital camera, at Tretakoff Central. The shots are from sailing on the Bay on Loren's great boat, Another Pearl . Beautiful day to sail, lots of wind, and patented Northern California eye candy!